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The things we put in our mouths

When who/whatever created the universe (assuming it didn’t all just happen randomly without some creative force involved) in all its myriad glory and wonder, from the vastest reaches of space to the smallest microbes of algae, I wonder:  when it created mold, of all things, did it look at it and think, “Hmm, someday, when humans evolve, they’re gonna mix this with milk, let it rot for awhile, and then eat it!”

Or when that fateful day finally came around, if it was more like a parent watching their very small child pick up some disgusting thing off the ground and put it in their mouth, while their parent not-so-quietly goes berserk trying to stop the inevitable from happening and desperately hoping they can adequately disinfect their offspring before their head spins round and they projectile-vomit pea soup.

I’ve always liked blue cheese (triple-cream varieties like Castello blue (the danish import, not the Rosenborg brand) or Cambazola, or even a regular sweetish one like Point Reyes blue), but until now, I haven’t actually given much thought to the fact that I’m basically eating mold mixed with milk and left to rot.  I mean, if my kids came up and told me that they’d scraped some mold off of somewhere, swished it in their milk, and had left the slop under their bed for several months and were now going to take a few swigs of their impromptu science experiment, I’d have a cow.

So what are some other things that people eat that leave you shaking your head in bafflement?