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In the face of well-meaning folks who are tipsy with ‘Being Realistic About Their Offspring’s Prospects For Being A Writer’

Your parents were no good at being parents before they had kids, they were no good at raising toddlers before they did, and they were no good at raising children, tweens, or teens, before they did. Yet that didn’t stop them from doing it anyway. They had no victories or successes before they tried, but they continued because they loved you. It was hard, grueling work, some days were filled with tears, snot and shit everywhere. Sometimes the object of their affection puked all over them, broke their prized vase, clogged up the sink, and snuck into the kitchen in the middle of the night to schlurp whipped cream straight from the can (admit it – we’ve ALL done that one! 😀 ) But none of this adversity or unsettling amount of noxious bodily fluids being spewed all over the place, were enough to deter them from the course they had set upon – parenthood. No one told them they couldn’t be parents because they were utterly inexperienced at the beginning, or because they weren’t being paid handsomely to do it. They did it for love and that is more than enough to go on. If you parent then you’re a parent. If you write, then you’re a writer.  Some things don’t depend on qualifications, they just are.