On Fanfiction & Fanart

Let me state for the record:  I totally support fanfiction and fanart.

And as long as I’m done with a ‘verse, which will either be stated on the work itself, or on my website (or you could, ya know, just ask me), then I’d LOVE to see the fanworks you create!  But please don’t take it personally if I decline to read/view your creation until after I’m officially done with the ‘verse it’s part of.

But in the meantime, by all means, carry on! (my wayward son….sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂 ).

But I digress…

Yes, there may be themes and activities in fanworks, just as in canonworks that may offend someone’s delicate sensibilities.  Appropriately tagged, it shouldn’t be a problem, and if it’s not someone’s cup of tea, well, there are plenty of different teas in the world. There are also plenty of ways to easily avoid such fanworks.

And I’m not so deluded as to think that just because someone’s written or read A/B/O dynamic, knotting fic, that that’s what they’re into in real life.  I’m not going to label them as a “nutter” or hold them up in mocking derision as something to be made fun of.  Even if it’s not my cup of tea, that’s someone’s creation, something they’ve invested a fair amount of time, effort and heart in, and I’m not going to crap all over that.  I wouldn’t want someone doing that to one of my creations.

All I ask, as can reasonably be expected of potentially triggery/nsfw works is that they be appropriately tagged.  AO3 has tags out the wazoo.  Tags are easily done.  Tags can be easily (in most cases) used to avoid what we don’t want (ourselves or our kids) to see.

In a live & let live/Golden Rule kind of world, works are tagged, and those who prefer not to need brain bleach would make the minimum effort required to avoid Things That Must Not Be Seen.

So send me links, and if what you’re showing me isn’t tagged but should be, put some tags or warnings in your link send, so I can decide for myself if I want to take a look or not.  If it’s ‘spoiler-y’ (still a ‘verse I’m working in), then save it for the future when I’m done with that ‘verse.  Please don’t shove it in my face if you happen to run into me – sorry, but that also goes for your Auntie Myrna’s selfies from that S&M club.

Oh!  Just thought of something – I really don’t want to put my autograph on someone else’s fanwork without permission, so unless you can produce the artist’s go-ahead in writing, I’ll have to decline doing that.

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